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Need a Pro Personal Trainer in London?

At Evolution of Man Fitness, we offer you the chance to transform your body in just 12 weeks with an intense program designed to strip away fat, build lean muscle mass and drastically improve your overall fitness levels. Led by the type of personal trainer London gyms rarely provide, you … Continue reading

Thoughts from the EOM Warriors – Jim on changing it up

“I have been terrible with keeping up my blog since little baby Jack was born in May but thankfully Jim has written a little piece on what he thinks is important when having a personal trainer in London aka Booze town.  These are not my, Tims, words even if I … Continue reading

Mens Health Body Transformation

This month Men’s Health magazine produced a free supplement tracking the progress of one of Tim Walkers and Evolution of Mans transformation clients.  Jamie is the style editor for the magazine and a classic “hard gainer” or Ectomorph.  The Ectomorphic man is often considered lucky by anyone who struggles to … Continue reading

Fitdad week 10 – Friday to Miami Pro

Day 5 – After demasculating myself in front of Fiona today was always going to be an easy ride.  In fact apart from Sunday it should be plain sailing from here 😉 So for 3 days I’ve been carbless. Fatless and joyless but today porridge is back and nothing ever tasted … Continue reading