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What I’ve learnt after 10 years with EOM

I started EOM at 31 years old because I believed that we all have the potential to walk around in an incredible body. Even if we are aggressively career focused and love a drink up. We help you to get a powerful and athletic body in a short period of time. Simple as that. 

Now as I write this I’m 41 years old with a collection of children under my belt. I have grown up. Our clients have grown up and it turns out that there is more to life than just being ridiculously good looking…….

A 40 year old body isn’t the same as it was at 30 and according to our 50/60 year old warriors it just keeps on changing………I know we all know this but I don’t quite think that the whole fitness industry as a whole accounts for this. (I know I gave no shits about getting older when I was in my 20’s/30’s)

We have a conundrum on our hands. We are 40/50/60 and we have a build up of decades of wear n tear. We have had another 100-1000 more hangovers, we’ve strained muscles we never knew we had and we’ve smashed up against an untold number of external stresses. Yet if we were to be honest, which we aren’t, we still feel 20 in our heads. We want to be able to do what we did in our 20’s and when we can’t, it hurts. 

Art Devaney, longevity expert and an 85 year old with a better body than most in their 20’s, describes age as “an accumulation of damage”. I like this description as what we have done in the past accounts for the way you feel now and what you do now will account for how you feel later on. That gimpy knee you have now started when you got double footed in a 5 aside match at university and that dodgy elbow began during the days when you had the time to perfect a cracking tennis serve. 

Now is the time to stop the damage and start looking after that body…..

The only way to achieve the age reversing results that every man over 40 wants to achieve is to be a bit more intelligent. You need to step away from everything and look at your body and your current goals with an analytical mind. No ego. No emotion. Just simply ask the question:

“Where is my body at at this exact moment?”

You answer this question ONLY in raw data because that is the only way to know the answer for sure.

Yes, how you feel is important but we want to know what you can do. Honestly no one gives two f$£ks about what you used to be able to do. You ain’t that guy anymore. You are a different man now. You’re a bit like a Ferrari that someone with a bit too much cash decided to use for the Paris to Dakar rally!! 

I like to keep things short so I’ll break down how we measure exactly where you are right now in my next blog but in the meantime just think about your body right now and are you happy with it? 

Myself and the EOM team have also taken our bodies on our own brutal journeys. We have shown many men the way out and we have been doing it so long that frankly it is easy. We’ll get you polished up, whack some fresh new alloys on you and service your engine to get you back on top. 

If you want to go straight to the next part of this blog and find out the exact way to check your current physical state then just click here to see the next blog.

Good luck