Tim Walker

London personal trainer and health and fitness author Tim Walker is Founder and Head Trainer at Evolution of Man Fitness, based in the City’s Square Mile.  Since leaving university in 2003 with a sport and exercise science degree Tim has continually honed his training methods specifically targeting men whose main aim is to get a lean athletic body whilst living and working in the city.

“I am a personal trainer who has been training guys like you all over London, and most recently specifically in the square mile, for 10 years and even more importantly, I think, I am a man in his 30’s who cares what he looks like and how I feel about myself.”

Lee Bennett and Hakim Medfai joined EOM in 2013 and since then we have produced some of the best results seen around the country with the combination of Lee’s body building expertise and Hakim’s professional sports experience.

99% of London-based gyms are made up entirely of exercise machines all designed to look good and allow for a comfortable workout, but being comfortable is not how Brad Pitt got ready for Fight Club or Hugh Jackman got ready to play Wolverine. If you ever go behind the scenes to see how the Hollywood elite personal trainers are training, it is almost a guarantee that there would not be a ‘pec deck’ or a sit down bike in sight!

At Evolution of Man, there is no treadmill, but there is a sprinting track armed with a Prowler (‘Google’ this horror and think rugby scrum machine), a sled to drag, strongman bars, beer kegs to lift, up to 150kg of tractor tyres to drag, sand bags to lift, carry and throw; and sledge hammers to wield – that would be classed as unconventional anywhere else, but then this personal training program has nothing whatsoever to do with obeying convention.

Training with tyre

“Great male physiques are made through consistency, clean eating, and exercising that challenges every part of the body in a way that demands that you gain muscle and strip away fat.”

Evolution of Man Fitness takes on 24 new warriors every year for one to one personal training and over the short space of 12-weeks, they will transform their bodies from ‘zero to hero’ on the Warrior Workout program often adding over a stone of muscle whilst dropping the same in fat and gaining levels of strength they could never have dreamed of.

“The 24 are successful City men who have achieved great success in their business lives and have all the toys to show it, except the one that should really matter…the body. These ‘Warriors’ know how to succeed in life, they have the dedication and now they have Evolution of Man to give them the body to match.”

Can you eat, sleep and train like a warrior to achieve your dream body?

I've Got What it Takes!
I've Got What it Takes!