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You can be strong without being big

You can be strong without being big and big without being strong

I read a great article on t-nation.com back in June and it really backs up what we are trying to do here at EOM. Most people come to us because they want to drop fat, build muscle and just look bloody heroic and there are many approaches to doing this. You could, in theory, get a lean muscular body without actually being that strong if you stick to the right diet and train within the correct rep ranges. Many fitness models will get by on exactly that style of training and it pays the bills so why the hell not but that will never be how we do it. (http://eomfitness.com/blog/get-stronger-trust-me/)

Evolution of Man is not only about getting a great body but it is about being strong, powerful, fast and functional across all movement patterns. You should be able to play a game of 5 a side football and have the opposing players complaining that you’re hurting them, you should be able to push a car by yourself and you should be able to handle your body weight in any situation. Gym fit is only good for one thing and sometimes being able to bench press heavy is just no use! Ask yourself “when was the last time I sprinted properly (a treadmill does not count) at full speed straining every muscle?”, “can I jump over a wall way above head height?” or “could I lift that heavy wardrobe without blowing out my back?”. All totally random but all things that you should be able to do and know you can do.

When you are next in the gym have a crack at doing something new that pushes some of your attributes to their limit. Challenge your max strength, your power, your speed or agility. Just chuck it in and see what you are capable of then make a note and take steps to improve it, it’s really that simple. Basic is always good so try these:

– How fast can you sprint the length of a football pitch?
– How many FULL over hand pull ups can you complete without the crime of “kipping”?
– How far can you jump from standing?
– How much can you deadlift for 3 reps?

Big deadlift personal best

Just some totally off the cuff tests but thats how it should be sometimes, spur of the moment and a little bit fun not all no pain no gain. Although you do need some pain just mix them together.

Do it Do it!