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Work out every part of your fitness to achieve any goal

In the last blog I spoke about what a clapped out mess you most probably are. I also spoke about the fact that this is pretty much all about me so when I say “you” I really mean “me”…. Let’s get to it. We want a great body. Aesthetically, athletically, … Continue reading

What I’ve learnt after 10 years with EOM

I started EOM at 31 years old because I believed that we all have the potential to walk around in an incredible body. Even if we are aggressively career focused and love a drink up. We help you to get a powerful and athletic body in a short period of … Continue reading

Tis’the season!

Well, it’s that time of year again, fuck knows how that happened so fast but christmas is upon us. It’s always a funny’ol time for us in the fitness industry, it can be very unpredictable with how busy we are. Obviously the two weeks over the christmas period as with … Continue reading

Life balance, impatience and obstacles

Let me start by saying, things never tend to go smoothly. Planning and preparation will always be the key to success, but even with the best plan in the world there will always be obstacles, how we tackle these obstacles is what is important. A missed meal, a bad workout, … Continue reading

Evolution of man has Evolved…

“What the hell happened to Evolution of man?” I’ve been asked this many times over the past year. Well, cool your boots, be seated, and uncle Lee will explain all. When Tim and I started working together with ‘Evolution of man’ we knew we were onto something good. With a … Continue reading