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Lee Bennett

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Lee has been working in the fitness industry for the past 14 years but his own journey through physical fitness stared 20 years ago with Martial arts. Inspired by the old school action movie stars he studied various martial arts until the age of 16 when he turned his hand to bodybuilding.

Having just turned 18, Lee was one of the youngest people to run the London marathon, then just 2 years later he claimed the British bodybuilding championship title. Lee gained a top 5 world ranking after a closely fought battle competing in Italy. He then went on to compete with various organisations, most notably, as a Muscle-mania super body finalist and UKBFF Classic bodybuilding competitor. Lee was known for his aesthetic physique, symmetry, conditioning and his classical, entertaining posing style.

“As an ex-British bodybuilding champion, I know what it takes, physically and mentally, to rise above the competition and be the best”

Lee has been working with Tim at EOM since 2013 after freelancing as a personal trainer around London for two years prior. The benefits of their shared knowledge of training and nutrition has lead to some of the best client transformations seen to date.

Lee has quite and old school approach to training, back to basics, heavy compound lifts all brought together with a bespoke program to suit the clients physique goals with a tough, challenging yet thoroughly enjoyable workout.

“With 14 years in the fitness industry I have seen a lot of changes, but one thing will never change, my ability to get the best out of my clients.”