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Tim Walker



Tim Walker is the Founder of Evolution of Man Fitness.

Tim has been a personal trainer working in London since 2003 and has continually honed his training methods specifically targeting those whose main aim is to get a lean athletic body whilst living and working in the city.

“I am a personal trainer who has been training guys like you all over London for over 10 years and I created EOM as the perfect antidote to the pit falls of London life”

Tim never played professional sport or has coached an athlete to that standard but has always preferred to focus on how to get the ordinary guy into extraordinary shape using the most simple methods possible.  Tim founded EOM because he feels that most personal trainers or “fitness gurus” try to make things too difficult and are too worried about taking pumped up selfies to really focus on the real reason that they became personal trainers which is the client.

“I’m pretty much obsessed with getting people into shape and every transformation I help with is the best feeling in the world”