Jamies success Jamies success


Fitdad Week 7

Only 3 weeks left to go and I have only lost 3kg but my body fat has dropped from 16% down to a pretty respectable 12% and my waist around the belly button has dropped from 34″ down to 31.5″.

The carb cycling is going well but at the end of the week I had to have my last cheat meal.  It makes me sad even writing about this last meal as now I am alone with nothing but white fish, chicken, broccoli and sadness.  A bit melodramatic but 7 weeks of dieting has seen me develop a love of “off the plan” food that borders on that of an eating disorder.  On the plus side in three weeks I will be attacking all kinds of food with the residue of Ronseal tan still coating up my dehydrated body, so the prize is close enough to give me all the motivation I need.

Thats right mate I shall be you soon.....so very soon

Thats right mate I shall be you soon…..so very soon

Speaking of motivation, Lauren is 34 weeks pregnant and the baby is really starting to make itself noticed in a room

34 weeks and both looking good!

34 weeks and both looking good!

On the training side I am still feeling good but am struggling to stick with the same training plan after 7 weeks doing exactly the same stuff.  I would always say to a personal training client that 5 weeks should be the maximum time that you stick to the same program but for me I understand that my aim is not to build up but instead to hold onto my muscle as the fat drops off.  All that being said I JUST WANT TO LIFT HEAVY!!!!  But I shall stick to the program whether I agree with it or not.

3 weeks out here I come Miami Pro you little minx.  I was practising posing so here are a few shots from my little routine….sorry!

The ab pose I'm required to do

The ab pose I’m required to do


Cheeky back pose 7 weeks into my London body transformation

Need to work on the back poses so I look less like a robot