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Fitdad Week 6

Fit Dad Blog Post

This week gave me my first real challenge as I had to drive up north to see Lauren’s family and celebrate her cousin Lucy’s birthday.

During the week everything went well and the weather was pretty good so I filmed me and my training partners, the dogs, going for a little off road run/stumble.  I have the video editing ability of a medieval village idiot but I’ve still put it onto this blog if you fancy a watch:


This week went very well and I even sat and ate chicken breast with broccoli whilst Lauren ate my favourite take away curry in front of me.  This hurt but it was a good mental test.

I planned everything nicely on the 5 hour drive upt north (typo on purpose) and scoffed down 120g of chicken breast whilst Lauren had a lovely looking bacon roll……ummmm bacon.  The evening went well as I had asked for rice, chicken breast, oats and green veg to be at the house when I got there.  I must have seemed like such a diva to Laurens mum but she pretended that it wasn’t too much of an ask and when I got there all was good.

As we were in Lauren’s home town we wanted to relax and go for a slow breakfast and a walk on the beach but I think I got in the way of some of the fun as I was constantly looking for a toilet.  That’s a strange statement but it’s true.

I have now been drinking at least 5 litres of water a day and with the added vitamin C that I have been taking my natural diuretic system is kicking in and I am constantly having to drain the main vein.  This is no bad thing for my competition preparation as my bodies ability to shed water will be much needed come the last couple of days when I am trying to cut up.  I also think sitting and watching Lauren and her friends eating a full English whilst I just sit there sipping black coffee is probably a bit off putting as well.

Even with my strange habits I still managed to get the diet wrong as I bought two meals with me from the house for our little breakfast but 5 hours later we were still out and I had missed my next scheduled meal….disaster.

I tried to keep cool and not stress Lauren out on her only day at home but inside I was screaming and planning a way to get back to the house to reach my chicken and rice.  Actually it wasn’t chicken and rice.  It should have been but it wasn’t as all the pans kept burning so microwave porridge had to work.

Chicken porridge?? Actually not bad

Chicken porridge?? Actually not bad

These silly little things kept creeping up but I got some good sleep in, a massive cheat meals of three chilli dogs and the sunlight from walks on the beach meant I looked my best yet with more motivation for the coming weeks.

This is me 6 weeks deep….

6 weeks done 4 to go London personal trainer

6 weeks done 4 to go!!