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Bolt to Ripped Abs

Ripped Up Sprinter

See what I did with the title there…….

Anyway this is just a short article to enncourage/order you to get sprinting again if you want to be lean, muscular and generally magnificent…if that sounds ok?

When I talk about sprinting I don’t mean a fast treadmill run or a 30 second blast on a spinning bike.  I mean all out maximal anaerobic sprints where you give everything you have for 100m or 10-15 seconds max, if you don’t have access to a running track.  Running on a treadmill, even at it’s fastest setting, does not count as sprinting as the moving belt means that your glutes (buttocks) will not do enough work.  Your glutes are the strongest muscles in the body and if they don’t fire properly then most of your movement patterns will be compromised plus you won’t generate all the power that your body can produce, hence you wouldn’t be giving 100% even if you hink you are.

I don’t want to go too much into sprint technique because it can be pretty complicated and would take ages to write about.  Instead all you really need to do is pick your distance, I like a football pitch or any large flat piece of grass that will take you 10-15 seconds to cover.  Then do a basic warm up – see my warm up drill on facebook or go for a few minute jog with some high knees and heel flicks.  Next run the chosen distance at 50% of your max and do some leg swings and deep walking lunges before running the distance again at 60% of max.


Always Warm Up Before Fitness Training

If you train regularly in the gym or play a sport then you are probably good to go sttraight into the full workout below but if you are of an average to poor fitness I suggest you only do half if you want to enjoy life for the next couple of days.  The workout’s effectiveness lies in it’s absolute raw simplicity and your ability to put in 100% (I’d say 110% but that doesn’t make sense and sounds crap however much Hoollywood football coachs bring it up in their final game speaches).

When running make sure to concentrate on driving through the ball of the feet rather than the heel, lift your knees high and pump your arms so that your elbows are at right angles with arms pumping to add power.

Right lets get down to it here it is, now go do it:

Sprint – 10 x 100m/football pitch @ maximal intensity

Rest 60 secs between sprints be sure to keep moving throughout

Go home…..it’s as simple as that but I can guarantee you that if you do give 100% for all sprints you will either a) collapse in a twitching heap b)wake up the next day feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck or c)at least feel muscles that have lain dormant since athletics day 1992!

Do this workout just the once in the first week and then up it to 2-3 times a week for the massive gains that sprinting will bring you.  I am really serious here, this will smash through any fat loss plateau and boost all parrameters of your fitness in under 4 weeks.

I hope this helps your fitness journey and don’t forget that if you need any more help you can contact me through my website or Facebook.