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Be a Man and Eat Your Breakfast!

Before I begin lets just get one thing straight…………….when I say breakfast I don’t mean a bowl of cereal with a cartoon on the front or well packaged biscuit!  Instead I mean a meal that breaks the fast that your body endured when you went to sleep last night (it’s all in the name).

Breakfast sets you up for the day and as well as the pysiological benefits (getting lean) it can either massively boost your drive up until late afternoon or it can leave you with the drive of a castrated sloth by 10am.  99% of western population opt for the sloth option of refined carbohydrates in the form of cereals, juice or bread and then need a little caffiene kick to fight the inevitable sugar crash that preceeds this below par feed.  Whether you are a regular exerciser or if you haven’t even run for a bus in a decade you can improve every aspect of your physical well being by treating your body to a good breakfast in the morning.

Dino Barney Rubble Steak

Below is a plan for the perfect breakfast very similar to that prescribed by world leading Strength Coach Charles Polliquin who demands that his olympic athletes turn up to the gym with something like this in their bellies on pain of being kicked out of the gym.

Beverages: Tea, coffee or herbal drinks are allowed here but milk, juice or other liquids are not optimal although a little cream in your coffee is okay.

Day 1

• 1-2 Buffalo meat patties
• 1 handful of macadamia nuts

Day 2
• 1 large venison steak
• 1 handful of cashew nuts

Day 3
• 1-2  Lean turkey burgers
• 1 handful of almonds

Day 4
• 2  lean ground beef patties
• 1 handful of brazil nuts

Day 5

• 2  chicken breasts
• 1 handful of hazelnuts

Did you let out a laugh when you read this or shake your head in confusion as to why someone would eat a buffalo burger for breakfast?  Yeah I did too when I first heard about this style of eating…..ridiculous isn’t it???  Well actually it’s not crazy it’s just not what is pushed on us by the media since we were able to make decisions for ourselves.  Remember that eating the way that most people do has led to 1 in 3 people people becoming obese and I am sure you could be in better shape as well.

Starting the day with a high protein breakfast such as these will provide your brain with a great source of saturated fat, which aids brain function and will keep you feeling energised for hours.  The high protein content will be taken into the body to build a stronger musculature system whilst keeping you fuller longer and stopping muscle wastage.  On the flip side, all the good a bowl of cereal will do you is offer you a sugar crash and very minimal nutrition indeed.

Meat for Fitness

I work and live in the city so I know that the meals above are a very big ask.  That said with just a few tweaks every single one of the guys that has trained with me eats a fantastic breakfast with 100% of them vowing never to agree with Tony the tiger that Shreddies are gggreeat again.  Below are a selection of some of the breakfasts that past Evolution of Man warriors have used to drop the fat and build muscle:

Jim T

Day 1 – Smoked salmon, 2 eggs and some mange tout

Day 2 – King prawns and chinese stir fry (apparently this is called a Chinese fry up?)

Day 3 – Advocado, cherry tomatoes, spinach and buffalo mozzarella

Anthony B

Day 1 – Turkey slices, cottage cheese, cherry tomatoes and a nectarine

Day 2 – Protein shake and an apple

Day 3 – Eggs, smoked mackrel, tomato and feta cheese

Chris A

Day 1 – 2 egg muffins (recipe on facebook), protein shake and almonds

This is literally the only breakfast the big guy ate!


Day 1 – Turkey burger and salad.  Coffee

Day 2 – Eggs and mixed nuts.

Day 3 – Lamb chops, brocolli and green leaf salad

Every single one of these guys achieved great things during the 12 week program and I put a large amount of their success down to the fact that they ate well especially at breakfast.  It is also worth mentioning that all of these guys work in the city and started off with a low fitness level and ate cereal for breakfast!

As always thanks for reading and please feel free to ask me any questions on Twitter or Facebook.

Stay strong