Jamies success Jamies success




David walked into the gym quite laid back and seemingly not too worried about how hard it would be but he did have a big goal, a goal I actually must say I thought was too big to aim for. David was 30% body fat, 101kg with a 43" waist and struggled to do a press up but he wanted to be 12% body fat, below 85kg and be able to smash out press ups for fun. A tough goal but then the Warrior Workout is all about tough!




Davids success
Davids success


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David turned out to be a machine. He did not put a foot wrong and I even found myself as his personal trainer telling him to slow down and that having 12 almonds instead of the prescribed 10 would not destroy the program. David was Mr. Consistency and proved the importance of doing everything without making excuses. He did not miss a session, never skipped a meal and only cheated on his "cheat" meals. It was going so well we decided to extend the program for a couple more months to see exactly how far he could go and the results were amazing. David dropped 22% body fat to reach 8%, he dropped 25kg to reach 76kg, he lost 11 inches from his waist and seems to be able to keep up an unbelievable works rate. David is consistency personified and it looks good!

"I feel great"