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Fitdad Week 9

Yes the beer focus on the beer...and the pizza

Yes the beer focus on the beer…and the pizza

It is so nearly over now and with proximity comes a little bit of fear as the old “I’m nowhere near ready” voice starts popping into my head as I had 6-8% body fat as my goal at 80kg but I am 81kg at around 10%.  This is probably already lean enough for this type of competition but I tend to hold most of my fat around my lower back and love handle area so I just need this to tighten up.

Now as a personal trainer who specialises in 12 week body transformations this last minute worrying is something I deal with all the time and as it’s my own body I get to see everything that gets done rather than just hoping I get told the truth.  You’d think this would make me more confident but my speciality does not lie in the finer detail that is contest preparation.   Even more alien is relying on someone else to tell me what to do especially when Gabriel seems to enjoy upping my cardio whenever I say “what else should I be doing?”…….I asked and he upped it again…cheers.

My cardio routine for the last 4 weeks has been to do 45 mins of steady state cardio 3-4 times a week at 60-70% bpm and now the SOB has me doing 30 mins HIIT (interval training) at the end of my weight training plus 45 mins cardio EVERY DAY!  If I said I enjoyed cardio a few weeks ago then I must have been mad because IT IS SHITE!

Not because it pains me to do it but just fitting it into my day is getting annoying and doing personal training sessions to the background smell of my arm pits is fun for exactly no one.  Sorry if I’ve been stinking everyone.

This is my life and its great.....

This is my life and its great…..

OK now the really serious competition preparation begins, the time is finally here and I must bite the bullet.  A few weeks ago I had a cheeky chest shave but now I need to wax that mo fo till I have the chest hair of an 11 year old choir boy….I did it…..it bloody hurt and I am not proud of the picture below:

ready for the stage after 12 weeks on the warrior workout

I didn’t even cry

No! I just realised that this counts as a selfie! My first and last ever selfie.  I will get waxed and strut around in my pants but as a man it should be illegal on pain of castration to take selfies…..apart from this one for the sake of proof.

Just over one week left of this grind and in a sick way I’m actually looking forward to next week of peak preparation and pain…..

Six pack after 10 weeks

I think this one is looking pretty good now but I have to smile


posing practice after 10 weeks on my body transformation journey

Didn’t even know the camera was there