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Fitdad week 10 – Friday to Miami Pro

12 weeks Miami pro workout Fitdad

The finished article

Day 5 – After demasculating myself in front of Fiona today was always going to be an easy ride.  In fact apart from Sunday it should be plain sailing from here 😉

So for 3 days I’ve been carbless. Fatless and joyless but today porridge is back and nothing ever tasted so sweet!

Training is easy as the aim is just to deplete the muscles of glycogen rather than break them down so I tended to go real basic with a few sets of chin ups, rows, reverse flyes, shrugs and bicep curls.

The guys were having a photo shoot in the gym as well so I jumped on board to get a couple of photos of me before I become a rusk munching dad.

Today was lovely and tomorrow should be pretty easy too.

Day 6 – Today is my last day on the diet plan and to be honest the eating is gong to be easy.  7 high carb meals with the final one even giving me a large glass of white wine to wash it down….but no water!!  That’s right today the dehydration starts.  But why would I do that I hear you shout as how can that be healthy?  There is only one reason to dehydrate before a physique show and that is aesthetics.  When you really dehydrate you effectively “shrink wrap” your muscles so that there is no water lying underneath the skin just (hopefully) lean defined muscle.  This is also why in the days leading up to the show I had to drink crazy volumes of water as this teaches your body to get rid of water more often so that when we dehydrate the body continues to excrete lots of water even though it is not longer being topped up.

Water is Essential when Working Out

Water is Essential when Working Out

Anyway I cut water down to nothing at 5pm but before I get to that I’m going to a Men’s Health shoot to see  MH fashion editor and my transformation client Jamie Millar do his photo shoot for the mag.  Now I am writing this diary a few weeks behind so the magazine is already out and it looks amazing.  The article has really caused a stir in the media especially the Daily Mail but that is another story as this article and their follow up piece depicts.

Back to me, it’s all about me haha but actually it’s not it’s Lauren’s baby shower today so I have to shoot back from Parsons green to Epping to watch all the girls devour cake.  It’s a great turn out and I have to explain why I look all skinny and brown whilst I eat weighed chicken.  I don’t think they really got it!

In the evening I booked a hotel where I could eat my final meals along with a large glass of white wine to help dehydrate me some more.  Now this is where my knowledge becomes limited so I was starting to worry that I should of dehydrated earlier, whether I should get a last minute workout on and if there was any extra things I needed to do with my posing.

Luckily I had Jay on the other end of the phone as he steadied my nerves with a couple of good tests to check if I was ready to carb load and gave me some more ideas of how to tighten up even more in the final few hours.  Whilst I did feel I looked pretty good I sent the following video to Jay to try and get his opinion on what else I could do to improve.

Day 7 – Show time – Up at 8am and my first thought was that I am nowhere near dehydrated enough.  I thought I’d be struggling as I had heard horror stories before but this was easy and my breakfast glass of white wine was no problem at all.

I got to the St Albans Area early so went for a quick espresso and after more chatting to Jay I added a little something extra to my pre show arsenal……….

Cheap Brandy...nice

Cheap Brandy…nice

The event started at 11am and we were not finished till 9:30pm with all of that time spend down in a dungeon like changing room with 300 other competitors!

Miami pro pre stage

My home for 10 hours!

After all the preparation and dedication my moment of madness on stage only lasted about 2 minutes but the aim now is to keep the body whilst the real competition begins……being a Fitdad.

Miami pro workout London



Ripped in 12 weeks fitdad

An angry looking blue steel








12 weeks body transformation in London

My football factory pose










Man I am glad that is over and it’s time to eat like a monster for a few days starting with this as I phone Dominos to have my pizza delivered for the moment I get home:

Normally yuk but today Yum!!

Normally yuk but today Yum!!