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Why You Look Like Crap

“This semi abusive series of articles is a realistic take on why the average modern man is a sorry looking creature compared to the potential we have within us”

Reason 1: You aren’t Strength Training

Like most people who have ever gone to the gym after deciding to get “in shape” you’ve probably turned up to the closest Fitness First gym, after being roped into a 12 month contract to get a free bag, with no clue of exactly how this regime is going to start.  Usually this will involve jumping straight onto the treadmill for a few minutes or copying the closest looking guy that looks confident in the weights section.  Whatever way you start off your fitness training I can tell you now that if you do look like crap, which 90% of the western world does, then your main problem is that either you aren’t lifting weights or you aren’t lifting them correctly.
To this day I have never seen a man that bases his training on cardio with a good body.  He might be skinny or “not fat” but I tell you now that this man is as weak as he looks and his girlfriend probably beats him like a drum every night.

I’m definitely not knocking this guy as he doesn’t know any better and it won’t take much to get him to realise his potential by upping his strength and putting some muscle onto his emaciated frame.  In fact I’d still pick cardio boy over the average man if I was playing Top Trumps.As a man you are the proud owner of a body built to get strong and to build muscle due to the large amounts of testosterone pumping around your body.  Obviously we all have differing amounts of this “get ripped” hormone in us but every man has the potential to get a good looking and strong physique.  It’s as simple as starting a basic strength program and then progressing from there.
There will be some of you that do weight train but still look like crap and that will be mainly down to the other points I talk about in the other 6 points later in the series.
If you have never lifted weights or you have but it yielded no results then try this super simple program next time you go to the gym and make sure you adhere to the other points below as well:

Squat/leg press – 3×12 @ A weight you can lift 12 times with 1 or 2 left in the tank.
Deadlift – 3×12 @ as above
Bench press/chest press – 3×12 @ as above
Chin up//lat pulldown – 3×12 @ as above

Rest 60 seconds between sets or complete as a circuit if this is too easy.
This is as basic as it gets so if you want more of a challenge ask a fitness professional or myself for a more results orientated program.

p.s. If you do this program with 100% intensity it will fry even the seasoned hard man.