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Home of the 12 week body transformation in London

Onpoint Training Ltd Gym – Home of EOM Fitness

Evolution of Man believes that functional “real world” conditioning is the way forward when it comes to getting a strong, athletic and aesthetically pleasing physique.  99% of London based gyms are made up entirely of exercise machines all designed to look good and allow for a comfortable workout but being comfortable is not how Brad Pitt got ready for fight club or Hugh Jackman got ready to play Wolverine.

If you ever go behind the scenes to see how the Hollywood elite personal trainers are training it is almost a guarantee that there would not be a “pec deck” or a sit down bike in sight.  Great male physiques are made through consistency, clean eating and exercising in a way that challenges every part of the body in a way that demands that you gain muscle and strip away fat.

At Onpoint Training, where Evolution of Man runs the 12 week body transformation, there are no “comfortable” machines where you can read a small print novel as you train.  It is all about creating powerful people using methods of training that your average Virgin Active or Fitness First gym would run screaming from.

Weighted dips to build muscle
The sled is the favourite tool for the Warrior Workout in London

The Sled aka “The Widowmaker”

There is no treadmill but there is a sprinting track armed with a Prowler (google this horror and think rugby scrum machine), a sled to drag, strongman bars and of course you…sprinting, jumping and bounding.  You won’t see Usain Bolt on a treadmill but you might see a marathon runner on one and if you are training with Evolution of Man you are way more Bolt than Radcliffe.


In this East London based gym you will be using the following equipment that would be classed as unconventional anywhere else but then this personal training studio has nothing whatsoever to do with obeying convention:

  • Tractor tires ranging from 40kg up to 150kg – If its good enough for the worlds strongest men…..
  • Beer kegs – Less drinking more lifting
  • Battling ropes and sledge hammers – A UFC fighters regular conditioning device
  • Kettlebells and indian clubbells – Used by Russian strength athletes and fighters since the 1800’s
  • Sandbags – Lift, throw, carry, press, collapse?
  • Boxing and kickboxing – Ever heard the term fighting fit?
  • Strongman training equipment – It’s in the name
  • Power racks – The safest way to lift HEAVY!
  • Cable machines – A great way to test the core or target the smaller muscle groups
  • Full free weights and olympic lifting kit – More strength more muscle
  • Free weight leg press – The one machine to make it past the bouncers and onto the gym floor
  • Range of dumbbells from 1-50kg – Can you handle the 50’s?
  • TRX – Designed by a US Navy Seal with some great body weight exercises here

Personal training at Evolution of Man

Strongman training is my favourite personal training tool











Plainly put, if it helps get you into the best shape of your life then we have it here waiting in the square mile, East London, for you to change your body and leave that out of shape city body behind.  Contact Tim now to get your body transformation started or just pop in:

Onpoint Training Ltd
16 Hewett Street