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Tim Walker Fitness Trainer London

There I am

Firstly you need to know who you are listening to here…..well I’m a personal trainer who has been training guys like you all over London, and most recently specifically in the square mile, for 10 years and more importantly, I think, I am a man it his 30’s who cares what he looks like and how I feel about myself.  I say more importantly because if I’m totally honest it’s the egotistical man in me that makes me so good at what I do and what I do is make ANY man get an impressive body that does exactly what it should do as a body owned by a man…..BE STRONG.

Strongman Exercise

Nearly every man that I have had the pleasure of working with over the last decade, and probably since I was a spotty prepubescent teen, has had the same problems and the same goals.  Let’s be honest here, we all want another human being to look at us and say “whoa that guy is in shape what a lucky SOB” or “I bet he could open my jar of Ragu for me no problems” and none of us want to be pre judged as a wimp or a chubster (yep that’s a real word…. probably)  It is important for us to be healthy, pain free and lively but if you really break down why a guy turns up to a gym in January or phones a personal trainer 3 weeks before a beach holiday 99% of the time it boils down to good old fashion ego!  And too right I say.  We live in a judgmental world where we are all sizing each other up in every situation and judging people by first appearances…..”that guy in the tailored suit is successful”, “she looks hot”, “those muscular guys in the corner look intimidating” the list goes on and it can’t be helped as it’s in our make-up.  If it didn’t happen then women wouldn’t spend 8 hours putting lipstick on in the morning and there wouldn’t be a queue for the chest press every Friday night.

We spend loads on clothes, cars, watches, gyms, haircuts and all sorts of other stuff that we really don’t need for this very fact, so it’s only natural that we want our bodies to look good.

So if we all want to look good then how is it that most of us city guys let ourselves go?  Don’t we care that we can’t see our “joystick” without the aid of mirrors or that the missus has to open the jar for us?  Of course we do!  We just don’t have the time to go to the gym every single day and eat lettuce 24/7 especially when we just want to get home after a hard day in the office eat a nice steak and wash that little beauty down with a beer or 2.  Hmmm beer and steak lovely!

So that is the reason that I’m sat 11 floors up in a business lounge banging away on a keyboard and of course quietly judging everyone by the croissant in their hand or the £1000 + suit that is tailored to hide that beer bulge.  It’s because WE CAN HAVE OUR BEER AND DRINK IT, we can have a big fat steak cooked in butter and we can look damn good whilst doing it…….I know because I’ve done it I’m going to do it this weekend and so are a lot of my clients.  Sounds good doesn’t it?  And I’m guessing it probably sounds like a load of rubbish as well? Good! I also hope it gets you a little curious because you gotta admit that the thought of drinking beer and tasty food whilst sporting a tight midriff is a nice idea.

This blog has been born into the world to act as a savior for all your city indulgent sins and so your abs can forgive you by showing themselves as they did when you were a boy.

I have structured this book as though you were sat in front of me asking me to help you get ripped and in all round great shape.  I may repeat myself at times but no one ever remembers everything first time and I’m not expecting you to hop around chapters to recap the learning’s.  This should be a fun process, a smooth transition and something that you can digest, facilitate into your daily life and ultimately walk away a leaner happier man.

As you read through the different sections of the blog I highly recommend that when you discover something new that you try to implement it into your day to day routine as all the little things that seem pretty trivial and quite easy will add up to big results.  I want that body that you want to literally creep up on you and tap you on the shoulder without you even really stepping on the gas.

I’m really looking forward to helping you achieve your goals and opening your eyes to having great Pec’s in the City – Well that was a bit cheesy sorry about that!

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So which one you gonna be? It’s as easy as deciding!!