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Fitdad Week 3

The past week taught me a lot about the kinds of thoughts that go through my clients head and also just how badly food can taste if you get preparation wrong.  I am not a big fish eater and normally prefer fatty cuts of meat such as ribeye steak or chicken thigh, so now that my plan demands I eat white fish I am cooking it like a chicken breast.

My first attempt at my usual batch cooking approach ended up with my being the proud (sad) owner of a kilo of cooked, unseasoned and dry lumps of white!  Thats the only way to describe what the fish became, just lumps of white, and colours can’t be eaten……neither could the fish.  But I ate it any way and it nearly broke me.  It was all down to preparation, one of the things I preach most adamantly about, and I bought it on myself because I wanted to save 30 seconds.

Eat this twice a day to reduce happiness

Eat this twice a day to reduce happiness

If consistency is the most important factor in any body transformation then preparation is something that must be consistently practised as the filth I tearfully forced down last Monday is the meal I look forward to most this week.  The only difference was taking the time to cover the fish and season with lime juice, garlic, chilli and coriander which took an extra 5 minutes but made things much easier.

I always find that late at night when you are tired and not hungry you forget about what food will be like when you eat it as you chuck it all in the oven to get the task out of the way.  It is important to remember that the food must be eaten and preferably enjoyed the next day when it will be cold or reheated so it will always taste worse than fresh.  If you cook the food well so that is still juicy and has tasty seasoning then the meals are easy to devour but if you are eating cold dry fish with cold dry rice with milled flaxseed stirred into it then every one of those meals will make the journey more difficult.

The lesson of preparation is another one I should not have had to learn but yet again it seems that I need to suffer pain in order to really do it right.  Now I cook three days food in advance, season the food to perfection and actually look forward to MOST of my meals.  Here are a few pics of how I cook my food for three days.  After cooking I weigh it all and put it into my tupperware pots for easy access the next day:

12 week body diet

900g chicken shrinks down to 700g and last me 2 days at 3 meals a day.

12 week body diet

Same amount with vegetables to add flavour and micronutrients

12 week body diet

3 days and 6 meals of sweet potatoes weighed, baked and ready to go


At the end of week 3 I think its best that I quickly mention my cheat meal, of which I am allowed one a week.  Most of my personal training clients on the Warrior Workout will know all about this little beauty and it is there to boost your metabolism as well as giving you a great psychological boost.  Anyway I always laugh at the guys who compete in the physique world  because they tend to pass pictures of cheesecake around the gym like its hardcore porn and constantly talk about what they’ll have on their “cheat day”……yawn.

It's My Cheat Meal

But now I take it all back, its happened, I am already one of these sad cretins dreaming about that one meal a week where I can devour what I like knowing that it is all totally ok.  The meal I lovingly photographed below took me time to construct.  It is not a normal meal its more of a journey to heaven as I thought about it for days before I laid it on the table.

My cheat meal caused me a worrying amount of pleasure!

My cheat meal caused me a worrying amount of pleasure!

For starters I had a bowl of pulled pork with BBQ sauce followed by a pepperoni pizza (the salad did not get touched) and then hiding under the bowl is a banoffee pie ready to be inhaled.  I am actually a little bit embarrassed by the pleasure it bought me and am already worried about when Gabriel will inevitably take it away from me 🙁

3 weeks into my 12 week body transformation and London makes it hard

3 weeks in and I think it looks a little different but the weight and body fat has dropped a little.

Lets see what happens next week when I have to shave that little chest wig off………nice!!