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10 Weeks to #fitdad

On April 27th I am going to become a dad!  Anyone I know who has had a baby tells me that your life effectively has to stop for at least 6 months while you concentrate on the tiny new life that you have created and the 14 times a day … Continue reading

Mens Health 10 Week Challenge #challengeMH

Mens Health magazine has pitted Evolution of Man against two other of London’s best personal trainers for a 10 week body composition challenge.  I will be training the magazines style editor Jamie Millar who is a classic ectomorph (  which is luckily a body type that I feel Evolution of … Continue reading

Life After a Body Transformation

“Last year, in 2012, Jim T embarked on the 12 week warrior workout program and documented his journey as he went.  He spoke of the highs and lows of such intense training, diet and life style changes.  We saw him change in the pictures as well as his attitude to … Continue reading

Don’t Be Average!

Getting in great shape or getting to a high level of fitness is impressive.  If you open any workout or lifestyle magazine you will see a ton of people looking in great shape but these are people that look good for a living and have “got ready” for that particular … Continue reading