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Thoughts from the EOM Warriors – Jim on changing it up

“I have been terrible with keeping up my blog since little baby Jack was born in May but thankfully Jim has written a little piece on what he thinks is important when having a personal trainer in London aka Booze town.  These are not my, Tims, words even if I … Continue reading

Mens Health Body Transformation

This month Men’s Health magazine produced a free supplement tracking the progress of one of Tim Walkers and Evolution of Mans transformation clients.  Jamie is the style editor for the magazine and a classic “hard gainer” or Ectomorph.  The Ectomorphic man is often considered lucky by anyone who struggles to … Continue reading

Fitdad week 10 – Friday to Miami Pro

Day 5 – After demasculating myself in front of Fiona today was always going to be an easy ride.  In fact apart from Sunday it should be plain sailing from here 😉 So for 3 days I’ve been carbless. Fatless and joyless but today porridge is back and nothing ever tasted … Continue reading